Mucoginival implantology

How to combine perioplastic surgery concepts to implant surgery in order to optimize the final result

The themes of the course:

  • The use of mucogingival surgery to treat dental recessions on natural teeth
  • Mucogingival surgery to  create an esthetic smile
  • How to harvest soft tissue grafts from the palate in a safe way
  • The use of mucogingival surgeryin combination with implants: 
  • How to increase keratinized tissue around implants
  • Cosmetic soft tissue augmentation in the esthetic area
  • Treatemnt of gingival recessions at natural teeth near the implant site
  • Soft tissue augmentation around implants during second stage-reopening surgery
  • The use of mucogingival surgery for the treatment of esthetic complications of implant

Duration of the course: 1 day